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- Bypass/turn off the last stage of limiters on the master before bouncing the stems, but leave compressors,  multibands, EQs and any other piece of processing that is integral to the sound of the record on the master bus.

- DO NOT disable/bypass sidechain compressors, filtering, reverbs either on the master or each individual track. Getting into recreating sidechains, reverbs, etc will take more time raising the price considerably.

- Once the limiters on the master have been disabled, bounce each track one by one through the master by soloing it and rendering it as if it was the finished song. Make sure you bounce the stem as a stereo file and at the same sample rate as your session. Repeat the process until you are done. Please use this labeling system:

    - 1 Kicks
        - 1.1 Kicks
        - 1.2 Kicks
        - 1.3 Kicks
        - ...

    - 2 Drums
        - 2.1 Drums
        - 2.2 Drums
        - ...

    - 3 Bass
        - 3.1 Bass
        - 3.2 Bass
        - ...

    - 4 Synths
        - 4.1 Synths
        - 4.2 Synths
        - ...

    - 5 Vocals
        - 5.1 Vocals
        - 5.2 Vocals
        - ...

    - 6 FX
        - 6.1 FX
        - 6.2 FX
        - ...

- DO NOT hit "bounce all tracks" when making up stems. This causes a lot of trouble as  the DAW bounces individual tracks, grouped tracks, reverb and delay sends (in case there are any) and the master separately. Don´t supply dry stems with reverb, delay or compression buses separately. All stems must sound with its own reverb and delay.

- Please bounce 44.1 KHz 24 Bit .Wav stems . The finished stereo/mix will be supplied at the same format unless otherwise specified. Bounce the stems at a reasonable level (not clipping).

- Include a folder with a reference song from another artist which you think sounds great, as well as your own most recent mix/self master. Please note if you have bounced the stems following these guidelines, your mix and the stems should not sound too different, the stems will always sound more open as the transients come out more. 

- The stems and the mix must sound similar. If not, time will be spent doing aditional levelling increasing the final price.

- Lastly, make sure nothing is missing by importing all your stems into a session.


- 70€ / hour for mixing

- 40 € per stereo master

- 20 € per pass (Instrumentals, acapellas, PA Versions, MFiTs...)

- 10 € per format (16 bit, 24 bit, mp3...)

NOTE: in mixes the hourly rate applies when running instrumentals, acapellas, etc.

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