If you would like more work done to your record, we provide a creative full mix service. This involves much more that just simple track rebalancing. If we feel a certain drum sound doesn´t work within the context of the song, we might get into replacing it. For dance music, swapping a kickdrum sample can make all the difference to your track. 

We can work with anything you send us. From a few stems consisting of kickdrum, drums, bass, music, vocals and FX to a full mixdown, a massive improvement can be achieved to your track which just wouldn´t be possible with stereo mastering.

To get the best results, we encourage our clients to get their mix to us so we can identify any problems prior to the session.

In short, we will do anything to make your track achieve its full potential.


- 70€ / hour for mixing

- 35 € per stereo master

- 20 € per pass (Instrumentals, acapellas, PA Versions, MFiTs...)

- 10 € per format (16 bit, 24 bit, mp3...)

NOTE: in mixes the hourly rate applies when running instrumentals, acapellas, etc.

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