We can do much more than just mixing and mastering. At Sanbay we come from a music production backround so our services exceed the usual for a mastering facility.


We can create radio edits extended mixes from either stereos or stems ,PA versions, mixed and mastered stems and more. On countless occasions we have provided artists with extended mixes even if we were only provided with radio edit stems.


In addition, if we feel your song could do with a few more fx or extra percussion we can add that extra bit of production in for you.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your project or any additional requirements you may have.


- 70€ / hour for mixing

- 35 € per stereo master

- 20 € per pass (Instrumentals, acapellas, PA Versions, MFiTs...)

- 10 € per format (16 bit, 24 bit, mp3...)

NOTE: in mixes the hourly rate applies when running instrumentals, acapellas, etc.

Still got questions?

We are only too happy to help. Get in touch here

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