We provide stereo mastering services for digital files for either singles or albums. The standard delivery format will be 44.1 KHz 24 bit masters unless otherwise specified. 

To fully realise your creative vision, sending reference songs by other artist´s can really help us to achieve the sound you are going for. The stereo mastering process is online only at the moment.

We have extensive expertise in mastering for a variety of different artists and record labels, in all styles of music. Send us your music and see the difference we can make.


- 70€ / hour for mixing

- 35 € per stereo master

- 20 € per pass (Instrumentals, acapellas, PA Versions, MFiTs...)

- 10 € per format (16 bit, 24 bit, mp3...)

NOTE: in mixes the hourly rate applies when running instrumentals, acapellas, etc.

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